Thanks for visiting LiveEdgeSlabs.com, a division of Smith & Vallee Woodworks. Based in Edison, Washington we ship both raw and finished material all over the country. 


We are still photographing our full inventory and currently also have Reclaimed Fir, Sequoia, Butternut, and much more Maple. 


To purchase or inquire, please contact us by either calling 360-305-4919 or by emailing us at info@smithandvallee.com

About Us

As furniture makers in the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years, we have great access to material in our local forests and beyond. For more information on our furniture, visit www.smithandvallee.com/woodworks or email: info@smithandvallee.com

Have Material?

We can custom mill and kiln dry your material for you! For more information, call Andrew at 360-305-4892.